is an innovative company specializing in manufacturing of high quality micro-optical components.

Our patent protected technology is a result of many years of research, which enables a new paradigm for mass manufacturing of microlenses.
We specialize in the production of  Nanostructured Gradient Index Micro Lenses (nGRIN). Our unique technology allows to manufacture lenses as small as 10-50 µm of diameter. They are achromatic within the visible range, but also in the infrared (800nm – 1550nm). Besides single lenses we manufacture also matrixes of nGRIN lenses.

Our products are the enablers for the miniaturization of devices such as cameras, telecommunication waveguides, endoscopes, lasers, displays, computers.

Our products

Microlens proposes Nanostructured Gradient Index Micro Lenses (nGRIN) with a diameter of 20-50 µm which are an order of magnitude smaller than existing GRIN lenses.

The product is the enabler for the minaturisation of existing optoelectronic devices.

The lenses are achromatic within the visible range, but also in the infrared (800nm – 1550nm), which is a unique feature for a single lens system.

Single Microlenses

Microlenses Matrix

nGRIN lens features:

  • Possibility of obtaining „on demand” refractive index distribution which allows to improve the optical quality.
  • As many lenses are created in one manufacturing process the variability of parameters within a product batch is very low.
  • Flat Surface – easy integration with other systems eg. fiber optics.
  • Possibility to create a microlenses matrix with hexagonal shape lenses.
  • Design of „on demand” shapes of microlenses.
  • Focusing beam inside the lens (No change in optical properties after immersion in a liquid).
  • Ability to obtain elliptical lenses and pre-set astigmatism to correct optical defects of the light source.

Main applications


Our offer

Custom made products:

Our products are offered in short series production and can be customized in order to fully meet your specifications.

Those products can also be integrated into custom optical systems thanks to our optical design and optomechanical departments.


One of our biggest advantages at Microlens is our prototyping capability.

Technical specifications

Parameters of microlenses:
Lens shape Flat-parallel
Wavelength range 850 – 1550nm
Element diameter 125μm±1μm
Lens diameter 22μm±1μm
Lens minimal refractive index 1.543@1550nm
Lens maximal refractive index 1.550@1550nm
Lens length range 50μm – 110μm
Lens woring distance 50μm – 0μm (depending on lens length)
Operating temperature range -50ºC – 400ºC
Parameters of microlens array:
Wavelength range 850 – 1550nm
Element diameter 1.1 mm – 275μm
Lenslet diameter 20μm – 5 μm
Lenslet grid type hexagonal
Array size 28×23 lenslets
Approximate fill factor 98%
Lenslet minimal refractive index 1.543@1550nm
Lenslet maximal refractive index 1.550@1550nm
Lens array length range 50μm – 110μm
Lenslet woring distance 50μm – 0μm (depending on lenslet length)
Operating temperature range -50ºC – 400ºC

About us & Awards

About us

The Microlens company has a rich technological know-how, especially in the field of design the nanostructure of microlenses.

Our products are the result of the work of scientists from Poland and Scotland.


So far, the Microlenses technology developed under this project has been honored at three international exhibitions of inventions, where gold, silver and bronze medals were received, as well as at international trade fairs where silver medal was received.

  • Winner of the Start from Mazovia award for startups with an attractive innovation formula and high growth potential who are successful in introducing innovative economic solutions.
  • Participant of the acceleration program in the USA.
  • Nomination in the Startups in the Palace competition by the President of the Republic of Poland.


Microlens sp. z o.o.

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Company Information

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Beneficjent: Microlens sp. z o.o.

Tytuł projektu: Nanostrukturyzowane mikrosoczewki gradientowe
Projekt nr RPMA.01.02.00-14-7595/17 finansowany ze środków Działania 1.2 Działalność badawczo-rozwojowa przedsiębiorstw realizowany w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Mazowieckiego na lata 2014-2020
Głównym celem projektu jest optymalizacja technologii produkcji mikrosoczewek.
Głównym planowanym efektem jest wytworzenie prototypowej serii mikrosoczewek.

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